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Karakattam (Tamil: கரகாட்டம் or "karakam (கரகம் 'water pot') dance") is an ancient folk dance of Tamil Nadu performed in praise of the rain goddess Mariamman. The performers balance a pot on their head . Traditionally, this dance is categorized into two types- Aatta Karakam is danced with decorated pots on the head and symbolizes joy and happiness. It is mainly performed to entertain the audience. The Sakthi Karakam is performed only in temples as a spiritual offering
Seen in these pictures is Mr. Suresh from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who is a M.A., M.sc., B.B.C., D.F.A. (Folk Dancer) and has performed close to 4000 stage shows of Karakattam.
Dance pose - in the air - 1DS_1349Balancing on the rim of a plate filled with water - 1DS_1351Balancing on an inverted pot - 1DS_1357Picking a needle using the eye lashes - 1DS_1367Holding a needle in the eye between the eye lashes - 1DS_1368Walking among the audience with the needle between the eye lids  - 1DS_1371Dancing with the right foot in the air. 1DS_1379Balancing on a roller while dancing - 1DS_13951DS_1378