Zenfolio | Ravi Kappagantula | Tiruppanrankundram Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Tirupparankundram, a hill five miles southwest of Madurai, is the fourth pilgrimage site of Muruga. A cave temple dedicated to the element of earth and mentioned in various classical Tamil texts as the 'Southern Himalaya' where the gods assemble, Tirupparankunram is also mentioned in legend as 'the place where the sun and moon abide'. Murugan was married to Devasena upon the hill and for many centuries the Tamil people have considered it the most auspicious place for their own marriages, especially during the time of the Pankuni Uttiram, the festival of marriage held in late March. Besides the fantastic temple to Murugan on the hill, there is also a Muslim shrine dedicated to 'Sekunder' (al-Sikandar or Alexander the Great) who is associated with Murukan by the Muslim pilgrims. "Sikandar was a friend of Murugan at the time when Murugan was King here," they say.
Tirupparankundram is situated three miles southeast of Madurai on the main railway line. It is one of the Aru Padai Veedugal or six sacred places selected by Lord Subrahmanya for his abode. The importance of this temple is that here was celebrated the marriage of Lord Subrahmanya with the daughter of Indra, Devayanai.
Temple Entrance - FV5_0202-BW-HDMain Mandapam after the entrance - 1DS_1245-BWWide Angle view of the Mandapam at entrance - 1DS_1244-COLMain entrance door at 20 feet - 1DS_1253-BWMain entrance door at 20 feet - 1DS_1253-COLVendors insdie the Mandapam - 1DS_1256-BWRoof paintings at the mandapam - 1DS_1259-BW3D Painting of Lord Shiva inside the Mandapam - roof 1DS_1259-COLUltra wide angle view of the roof paintings at the entrance of the Mandapam - 1DS_1261